An Energy Company That Helps People

When I lost my job, I thought it would be easy to get another one. I could not have been more wrong though. When the factory shut down, it meant there were over 200 of us looking for new work, and the job market is just not that big around here. I had to look at ways to cut down on my monthly expenses until I had a breakthrough. I had to keep the necessities like electricity, but I did have the choice to change companies. That is why I switched to TXU in Killeen.

I did a lot of research on the different companies that I was able to choose from. That is one of the really nice things about living here in Killeen. We are not forced to use just one energy provider like the majority of people throughout the nation. Even some people here in Texas don’t have the freedom of choice like we do, but having that freedom of choice really helped me out during the time I needed it the most. Like I said, I had researched all of the different companies, because this was one necessity that I absolutely could not do without.

When I read that TXU has an energy aid program that helps people in need, and that it is the leader in this type of help to folks who genuinely need it, I knew that it was the company for me. I won’t always be at this low point, but it is a relief knowing that there are companies out there that understand that the little people do need help at times. Everything I read about TXU made me confident that I was choosing the right energy company, and they have really helped me a good bit since switching to them for my energy needs.