Creating Multiple Layers of Security

Security is becoming more paramount in age where it is often to discern between who is a criminal and who is there to protect and serve. I once saw a man gunned down because he was protecting his home from officers who mistakenly thought he was a neighbor who had been selling drugs. Unknown to this man, he opened fire after warning the officers to not come into his home without a warrant. It was a sad, sad day that made me realized I needed to invest in local ADT security if I ever wanted to make my home safe.

I don’t depend wholly upon ADT, however. I recognize the fact that no single security system is going to be effective. When creating a security system, you have to rely on at least two separate layers of security that are independent of one another. It wouldn’t take much for one system to fail to leave you completely vulnerable and exposed to inherent dangers that criminals pose. On top of having ADT, I’ve created an independent system of my own creation that both enhances the current ADT supplied system as well as providing several unique facets that it lacks, mainly a CCTV system.

This is the fulcrum to what I hope is going to be a system that not only prevents crime from actually happening but extends further into preventive measures by cataloguing and recording individuals who do attempt a burglary or break in so I can actually report them with video. If a data base of individuals who are caught can be created via a neighborhood that is secured by such a system, then it is my hope that criminals who are often targeting neighborhoods like the one that we live in will be caught before they can rob more homes.