Flooding from the Recent Rains in Ventura Damaged Our House

Wow! We go from a drought to flooding in California. It was so dry we were worried we were going to not have water if it kept up. Then the rain started. It was pouring so hard one morning that there was several inches water on the highway when I was going to work one day. A flash flood went through our community. It was not severe, but it caused damage. We hired a Ventura water damage company to fix the flooded garage and dining room.

We had a few inches of water in the garage before it subsided. The dining room got flooded when water came in through the sliding glass door. The water damage repair company in Ventura, California also inspected the rest of the house. Hydraulic damage can be subtle and have long lasting effects. They removed the drywall in the garage about halfway up and replaced the wet insulation. When they were done, it looked like there had been no damage at all. We were very pleased.

The flooring and part of the wall had to be replaced in the dining room too. They did such a nice job. Their inspection did not reveal any more damage we would need to be concerned about. However, they did figure out why our house got flooded in the first place. The grading around the house was not designed to carry water away sufficiently. They installed a drain system in a low spot that should take care of the problem. You cannot even see it and I mow right over it.

That low spot used to pond with water. The last rains we had caused it to fill up and flood. Now the drain in that low spot handles all of the excess water that likes to gather there. We should never have to worry about flooding again.