Getting Someone else to Take Care of Our Yard Was a Good Decision

I have always taken great pride in the landscaping and lawn care of both my front and back yard. I learned everything I know about yard work from my mother. I grew up watching her sitting patiently on her knees while she tended to flower beds or digging deep holes to plant yet another flowering tree or fruit tree.

Mom used to be so patient with all my of gardening and lawn questions. I could tell she really enjoyed that I was interested in something that meant so much to her. Everyone who knew us would point out how nice our yard looked every time they passed by. Each of them wished they had her green thumb for themselves.

When I bought my first home with my husband, he began taking care of the yard with me. Both of us really found ourselves looking forward to the work week ending so that we could spend time in our yard on many weekends over the years. And it was so nice that working in the yard was great exercise as well.

Now that we are both seniors, we still enjoy getting out in the yard. But we have also noticed that we simply do not have the same stamina that we had just a short 5 or 10 years ago. It has not gone unnoticed that our yard just does not look as good as it did for so long.

It took us awhile, but we finally realized that we needed to hire someone to help come take care of our yard. We both imagined that it would be nice to have someone else do the work while we changed gears and simply enjoyed our deck and the beauty of the yard without having to put so much work into it ourselves. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we have made when it comes to caring for our property.