Helping out My Uncle This Summer

My Uncle Willie is a real character. He is totally irreverent and a blast to be around for the most part, although he seems to have a dark side that comes out once in a while if you are drinking with him. At any rate he has me helping him with these houses he is working on. In essence he is doing general contractor. He coordinates the work that needs to be done and gets other people to do it, some of the time it is me. Today he was hiring guys for exterior restoration in NYC, but he got me to do some of it. The job I did got really wet and it would have been a serious issue if it had been a cool autumn day. It was not blazing hot, but there was nothing too bad about the weather either way. At least not until I got good and soaked and a cloud covered up the sun for a bit. Then I got a bit cool for a short time.

I was using this pressure washer. He had one and he made a big deal out of dealing me to be careful with it. I got what he meant pretty quickly. If someone or something gets in the way of this thing when it is on full blast, this thing is going to destroy it. I do not think you could cut a toe off with it, but if you hit your bare foot with it you would be a whole big world of pain. If you get it right up on the brick wall you start to see a reddish water flowing down from you. That is where this thing is knocking little bits of brick off of the face of the wall in actual fact.