I Redid All of My Window Treatments

When my husband and I decided to remodel our kitchen, I had no idea that it was going to lead to me redoing all of the window treatments in our home. I knew that I wanted to have new shutters for the kitchen windows, so I did a search for Los Angeles shutters to find the best deal for them. Redoing a kitchen is not cheap, so I had to find something that would work with our budget. I found a company that not only fit within our budget guidelines, but it came in well below what I had set aside for the window treatments.

I took my time looking at the different shutters available for the kitchen, and I found a really nice set that matches the colors of my cabinets perfectly. After I picked them out, I started thinking about the other windows in the house, and how they would look shabby when compared to the kitchen windows. Because the price was so low, I decided to see how much it would cost to get all of the windows redone as far as the window treatments were concerned.

The person who came out to help me with this measured all of my windows and even helped me pick out what would look best in some of the rooms when I was too indecisive. When everything was selected, I was given a quote that was really nice to hear. I went ahead and ordered all of the shutters from this company, knowing that it would not only make our house look that much nicer but that it was also going to make it worth more too should we ever decide to sell. The best part is that my husband really likes how everything turned out too, considering he is the one who paid for all of it!