I Wanted New Shutters for My Home

When I first moved into my new house a few years ago, I knew that I was going to start saving up to get plantation shutters. They may be a more expensive window treatment option, but there is simply nothing that comes even close to matching the look of genuine wooden shutters. I also knew that I was going to sell my home one day, and I wanted to make all of my upgrades and renovations to where they would up the price of the house when I sell. I looked up orange county shutters not long ago when I finally knew it was time to get my shutters.

I had researched a few companies in the area after doing a search, and I was pleased with one in particular. Even with their already low prices, they were offering a sale at the time that I looked. That meant that I was going to save even more than I had anticipated after seeing what their average prices are in general. I looked through the different options, and I decided that I wanted a darker shutter since the outside of my house is on the darker side.

The blinds I had then were white, and they just stood out like a sore thumb. I wanted something that would look better not only from the inside but from the outside as well. The company that provided my shutters were such a pleasure to work with too. The consultant who came to my house has the patience of a saint. I had so many questions, and she answered all of them without batting an eye. She also helped me narrow down some choices when I was having a hard time picking exactly the right shade of color that I wanted. The installation team was just as great, and my home looks so much better now.