I Wanted Perfectly Cleaned Carpets

I have been accused of being obsessive compulsive when it comes to germs, but I think that I am just being cautious and smart. I don’t go overboard, but I do like things to be neat. I also like people to wash their hands and keep their houses clean. Again, I don’t think this is anything out of the ordinary. I should have known that I would get some ribbing when I hired a Milwaukee carpet cleaning company to clean all the carpets in my new house before I would move in. The previous owners had told me that they just had them cleaned less than a year ago, but that was still not good enough for me.

I knew that I could shampoo them myself, but I also knew that a professional carpet cleaning company would be able to do a much more thorough job than I could. My daughter was only six months old at the time, and I knew that she would start crawling on the carpets sooner rather than later. I wanted to make sure they were as clean as possible for her. I was right, because my friends started teasing me, even though it was all in fun.

Several of them saw the house before I closed on it, so they knew the condition that everything was in. They helped me wash down the walls and sanitize all of the cupboards and closets, and then they did not see it again until we started moving furniture in. When they saw the difference in the carpets, I think they were all surprised. Not only did they look so much nicer and brighter, but the air smelled a lot fresher too. Not only did they have to admit that I was right, but two of them even contacted the same carpet cleaning company to clean their floors too!