Mold Remediation Contractor – Helpful Guidelines

mold-inspectionMold can pose a serious problem to your home especially due to its insidious nature. Its infestation can seriously hurt the health and the happiness of your family. You might not experience any mold problem or warning in your home until you or your beloved one gets ill. Mostly, mold attack is due to incursions. Wall interiors, basements, attics and crawlspaces are the most likely target for water incursion. However, if your home is experiencing high levels of humidity and condensation, then your house can be attacked too. Dire consequences associated with mold in your home makes mold remediation and mold removal inevitable.

Why do you need a water damage & mold remediation contractor?

Some people usually have a common misconception that mold remediation does not always need to be done by a contractor. However, I am going to tell you why you need a mold remediation contractor and how to select the best one. As much as anybody can remove mold from your home, mold remediation contractors usually have wide experience due to their extensive exposure to different mold environments. Once your contractor has finished his/her technical and visual scan of your building or sometimes using their specialized air testing equipment, they must discus the results with you. In most cases there are only three possible findings which includes:

  • The mold in your home is within acceptable levels and does not warrant any removal
  • The levels are too high, where removal options and procedures are tabled
  • Your mold remediation contractor may find mold is encompassing wide area of your building thus suggesting mold remediation

Cost concerns can force you to opt for getting rid of mold within your home without consulting any mold remediation contractor. Though, you will certainly be able to remove some mold, not as much as a mold remediation contractor can do. This is due to the fact that professional contractors usually uses various techniques to completely eliminate mold. Some of these techniques you might not be able to perform. They perform indoor air quality inspection, thus they can determine if there is any existing structural issue that may be causing mold problems in your home.

Tips on how to pick the best one

Once you have realized that your home needs mold remediation and you have made the decision to get a mold remediation contractor, it is obvious that you would want to get the best. Here are some tips on to pick the best one.

  • Don’t get just one estimate. Get different contractors to bid on the same job.
  • The mold remediation contractor should give you written report after the inspection
  • Get customer reviews from those contractors. You can call recent customers to see if they were satisfied and if they can hire the same contractor again.
  • Try to see if there is any complaint filed against your potential contractor. You can get such information from institutions like: Bureau of Consumer Protection, Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection and the Better Business Bureau
  • Your house will never be mold free, so it is wise to avoid contractors who claim that they can remove all mold.