Portland Water Damage – What You Need To Know

If your property suffers water damage, it may incur you both time and money to refurbish the property. Water damage may cause problems in the office or home, ranging from diseases to environmental pollution. The selection of the right water damage restoration contractor is crucial as the decision to effect instant repairs after water damage.


You can get the information regarding the best Portland Water Damage contractor to hire from friends, relatives or neighbors who may have had encounter with any. The insurance company provide the relevant information about the contractor, it’s advisable to hire contractor with an insurance cover for the job. However, with the current technology you can search through the internet to get reviews and comments about a certain contractor.

Certified/ licensed.

Any contractor you wish to employ ought to provide the relevant documents supporting his/her suitability to offer a given service. A license is offered to a water contractor upon satisfying a given set of academic and training qualification. Some states requires companies and individuals in the water damage restoration sectors to be licensed by the respective ministry. To be certain about the quality of work, you need to employ a licensed contractor.

Knowledge and experience.

A good contractor ought to be a professional in the field, in most cases someone who has experience in doing the same thing before is better placed to deliver quality work than a beginner. An experienced contractor will work more comfortably with less hitches and deriver on time. However, some contractors may be experienced but not the best to use, integrity and other virtues goes along with service delivery. Therefore, you should be cautious about who you bring in your home or business place to do work for you.


Water damage Restoration contractors are conversant with insurance companies, their claim procedure and how repairs should be compensated. Restoration companies uses same estimating software and process that insurance adjusters use, this will speed the time for claim settlement. Thus, using a contractor who has specialized in insurance related repairs is very helpful in claim settlement.

Knowledge about microorganisms.

Water damage can result in spreading of water borne diseases if left untreated. The contractor you choose should be able to test for any pathogens in the property and take appropriate steps to ensure their complete eradication if present to prevent diseases and other illness. Some contractor fumigate the building after completion of their work to kill any pathogen that might be present.

Prevent mold spores.

Mold may grow in the building due to water damage, these organisms spreads very fast and may have negative impact on the residents. Most of the water restoration companies offer dehumidification, drying and air cleaning service to the clients, which helps to completely remove the mold from the premise.

Renovate and repair.

A good contractor should be able to renovate your property and repair any leaks, waste removal, sewage problems and many more. They should be able to replace damaged floor coatings, hard wood and tiles and eliminate any foul odor. Hire a company that can handle all aspects of water damage.