Running the Furnace and the AC in June!

Though this has been a springtime that has been unseasonably cool, we have already had a few very warm days. This is the first time I remember actually turning the furnace on in June. It was 52 degrees outside this morning and quite chilly in the house. I turned on the heat in the morning to take the chill off. By afternoon it was hot. I turned the air conditioner on and nothing. It was blowing warm air. I thought I had the heat on, but the AC was broken. I called for ac repair in morris county nj to come out and see what was up.

Our central air conditioning unit was getting old, but it was still in good shape. The technician told us that we have a very slow leak of refrigerant. He said that it was not in the pipes that run in and out of the house but rather in the compressor. He said that the compressor would eventually need replaced but may last a couple more seasons. He topped off the refrigerant and it worked fine. It has been used every afternoon after the sun heats up the house. We do not have enough money to replace the AC unit this season, but we are starting to save money now for its eventual replacement.

I am very happy that we can keep the old system running for, hopefully, another season at least. We can save money now and over the winter to get it replaced. With how cool it has been, the system is not getting a workout like it did last year. It got hot fast last year and stayed that way all through summer. This year it is cool and wet. After all, I cannot remember ever having to turn the furnace on in June.